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Thank you for visiting Olympic Artifacts, your source for information on Olympic collectibles including Winner’s Medals, Participation Medals, Torches, Posters, Diplomas, and Badges. If you found this site then you’re a collector, dealer, or just someone curious about Olympic artifacts and collectibles. I have designed this site to be as informative as possible and easy to use. I add new objects and information all the time so if you know of something I should include or see an error please let me know by email or the contact form below.

I’m a dealer and collector of Olympic items of all types and I’ve had a passion for the Olympics since I was a youngster. I’m always looking to fill the holes in my collection and I built this site so that people could learn more about Olympic collectibles, and Olympic history so that they can find me and so I can find them. If you see an item you own on my site and you’re looking to sell then please contact me by email or the contact form below so I can make you an offer. If you like the offer I can mail you a check or send money by Paypal. Once you have the money, you send the item to me by mail. You don’t have to mail anything until you have been paid!

Services I Provide:

-Purchase Single Items or Entire Collections
-I will appraise any Olympic Artifact or Collectible free of charge
-I am an Auction Representative at all major shows
-I am THE expert in Olympic Collectibles

I look forward to hearing from you. There are no dumb questions and when dealing with antiques, you always want to be educated.

Before we can help you we need to see a picture of your item to assess its condition. In most cases value will vary greatly with condition so just knowing what your object is is only a small part of the picture. When you send an email please send the best pictures you can so we can give you the most accurate value for your item.

Our Telephone Number: 404-606-2648


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