Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

While the Olympics is obviously an international affair, Thanksgiving is decidedly very American ( sort of by its nature ). At any rate, I’ll be away with family until Monday but here’s a blog post in the mean time.

I was trying to find some funny anecdote about a connection of the Olympics and Thanksgiving to feature in this post, but nothing interesting seemed to turn up besides an article about recent Olympians in a Thanksgiving parade.

On a more Olympic artifact related note I did find an Atlanta Olympic pic from 1995 celebrating Thanksgiving and only 239 days until the games started in 1996. It’s actually a pretty cool pic in terms of colors and I’d say somewhat unique as well, and considering we’re not having an Olympics in North America in the near future probably the last Thanksgiving pin we’ll have a chance at for a while.

I hope you’re all gold medal winners at your Thanksgiving tables and family football games, or if you’re more like me a couch potato and football watching champion!